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Collecting Antique Furniture

I am constantly falling in love with pieces of antique furniture - I have been known to crawl under things in historical houses - just to learn a little more!

I am still learning about antiques and would like to share this knowledge with you.

"The day I stop learning will be the day I turn up my toes" ~ Rachel

The Antique Learning Journey Continues

Over the last 30 years I have dealt in antiques in various countries. Much of that time has been spent restoring pieces of antique furniture.

I am one of the lucky ones – my job has been the love of my life and it has paid my way.

Antique German Cabinet detail.

Once the antique furniture bug has bitten....

The bug bit me way back in New Zealand, where I grew up. My father had been advised to retire early which meant a move to a new house.  The ‘new house’ my parents bought was an old vicarage which was in need of repair and restoration.  Visits to the local auction house with my Mum became the norm and much looked forward to.  Old painted furniture was delivered to the ‘old Vic’ where it was scraped down and given a new lease of life… and so the learning began.

The learning carried on in the UK where old things are an everyday occurrence, then later in South Africa where the import of English antiques was thriving and people wanted bits of heritage.

Now in Germany where having run a successful highstreet antique and restoration business for many years, I put down my tools and move on to other things.

You could say I have gone from restoring furniture to restoring people ... well not quite! Coaching and body language are you might think totally unrelated, but oddly, it was through the antique shop that I became fascinated by both.

Finally, I have found a way to put those skills to good use by teaching you how to flip antiques and vintage into profit. You will find the link at the top of the page :)

The Antiques of Europe

Trying to date and identify antique furniture can be rather hard at times, especially here in Europe where the styles overlap and the boarders were forever changing.

Over time I shall be giving information on furniture restoration. We shall be speaking about PATINA and cleaning your antiques - rather than restoring them. Refinishing techniques, stripping, replacing parts and hardware - this list goes deep!

We shall also be looking into appraisals and values, antique dealers and how to deal with them (after all I was one of ‘them’ dealers) - the ins and outs of buying and selling and so forth.

Delve into the various pages as within them you will find links to other content which will take you even deeper into a topic. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions via the contact page. Easier still is visit me on my Facebook Page or request to join my Facebook group and you will get answered more quickly ;)

Where does the Emporium come in?

Like I said I was an antique dealer, (pssst, I have never met a truely retired dealer yet) my expertise and love being furniture first - but how can one avoid the rest?

I have spent hours, days, weeks researching pieces of glass, porcelain and paintings I have bought to resell - sometimes one gets lucky and just falls over the information - oftentimes one sells something still wondering who made it or where it came from. 

So... one day (5 year plan) I will be adding interesting information on such antiques and of course as the site grows we may even have a place for people to sell or swop… who knows?

Oh, and I am Rachel..
Pleased to meet you!