Louis XV Furniture

Louis XV - 1723-1774

Louis XV Furniture takes us into the fully fledged Rococo period (ca.1730-1770).

The curves became stronger the ornamentation more prolific. Foliage, flowers and scallop shells are all the rage.

Commodes were most popular becoming smaller. Corner cupboards were mostly in pairs.

Consol tables, small tables for writing and dressing were abundant.

Sofas and chairs became more comfortable and the Ladies enjoyed receiving their guests while lounging in the 'Chaise-longue'.

Beautiful exotic woods were used in Rococo furniture including satinwood, rosewood, tulipwood, amaranth along with mahogany, cherry and plum. Marquetry work became complex and colourful with pictorial designs of musical instruments, flowers, shells and Chinese scenes which were exceedingly popular.

Some of the Cabinet Makers of Louis Fifteenth furniture

Cabinet Makers and ébénistes of note were Charles Cressent, Jean- Francois Oeben, Jean-Henri Riesener, Francois Leleu, Jaques Caffieri, Juste Auréle Meissonier, J.B. Oudry and G. M. Oppenord

The last sketch shows various examples of the styles of antique french furniture and decoration of this period.

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