Louis XVI Furniture

Louis XVI 1774-1793

Louis XVI furniture of this period lost the curves and foliage of the Rococo and took on the straight lines of classicism.

Legs - straightened turned or tapered with grooves or fluting. Carving became flatter and restrained.

The classical Greco/Roman decoration consisted of acanthas, oak and palm Leaves. Fretwork, ribbons, swans, urns, lyres, festoons and wreaths. China plaques were also used.

Mahogany was the preferred wood and ebony came back into fashion. Panels and drawers were finished off with brass or gilt mouldings and tables complimented with brass galleries.

During Louis-XVI furniture like the Vitrine came into being

For displaying curios the Vitrine came into being and the fall front secretaire became ever more popular.

Amongst the ébénistes of the Louis Sixteenth period were Riesener, David Roentgen, Leleu, Carlin and Saunier.

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