Antique Appraisal

Elsewhere within this site I haven't been very friendly towards antique appraisals.  However, I get so many requests for them, even though I say I won't do them, that I started to look around for the best solution.

Antique Appraisals

At last the perfect antique appraisal solution - just for you!

Yep, sometimes that is just what happens. So, recently a young company came to me and told me about their antique appraisal solution. 

By having the right people on hand, coupled with top notch technology, they are able to help their clients find information and the worth of their antiques for an unbelievably small fee.  ... and yes, I do earn a small percentage. 

So, if you have something collecting dust and you're not quite sure what it's worth or even if it's an antique - fill out the form below for an appraisal and maybe you are in for a pleasant surprise :)

What's its Value?

Finding the value through antique appraisals is sometimes necessary

Recently, I sold a vintage bottle of Brandy for over a 1000 Euros - the bottle had sat in the cupboard for years and every Christmas my husband threatened to open it and every year I said, no I want to see what it's worth...

Anyway, searching in auction house catalogues, the web, ebay etc I finally came to a decision on the price - put it in Ebay and got an offer, which I accepted straight away. 

Finding out what your vintage or antique piece is, can take hours, days and sleepless nights.  I am an old hand at it, so know where to look.

Because I dealt with antique smalls and furniture for so many years, I often know what they are straight away and how old they are.

But for many of you, it's a stab in the dark - and that is why I recommend you use the service above.

Antique Appraisals = Happiness

When you have your appraisal. I would love to hear about your experience.  Were you surprised your antique was valued so high, or sad because it had no great worth?

I am interested to know what you think of the service and any feedback you have - afterall, I only want to promote exceptional services. Thanks!

Antique Madonna for antique appraisal

A little about the photos of the antiques on this page...

The cup at the top of the page is lovely but unmarked, so I have no idea where it came from and haven't come across many of them. I suspect it is French and around 1930 - but it could also be 1950.

The Madonna here is very old and was sold long ago, something like this you would really want to get an appraisal to find out the age and worth. There are antique collectors who will pay very good prices for beautiful pieces like the one in the photo.

Unfortunately, we shall never know just how good that bottle of Remy Martin was!