Antique Furniture Value

Finding the antique furniture value of your collection is not an easy task!

After all it is worth what one is prepared to pay for it - be it your best dresser, car or house...

In general, the less easy it is to find, the more valuable your piece of old, antique or vintage furniture will be.

Of course if your piece is catalogued in a book and the maker's name is on it, or it has 'provenance' - for example, you have the original bill of sale and can prove where it has been all those years, then many antique dealers and auction houses will be keen to have it!

For many of us though, things are not quite as simple!  Our piece of furniture may be beautiful and in perfect shape.... but everyone has something similar!  This is when you have to do your homework!!

What's it worth?

What will you give me?

Are questions I often hear when visiting people who want to sell their antique furniture.

I am a dealer - I am going to offer you about half of what I can sell the piece for - sometimes even less - in some cases even more!

Antique Furniture Values depend on Supply and Demand

It's all about supply and demand.  One year little tables might be 'in' and the next year the demand is gone and the antique dealer doesn't want to see them any more.  Now everyone wants an oak chest of drawers, so suddenly they will be more valuable than the mahogany ones the dealer has bought previously,  These are things the dealer must keep in mind when buying in furniture... it's a risky business.  It can be quite difficult as a dealer to know all antique furniture values.

You can get an Antique Furniture Appraisal before you call the dealers in of course.  Make sure you tell the appraisor what you need the appraisal for as that will make a huge difference to the value they put on your furniture. Insurance values will be different from resell.

I suggest you read What you should know about Antique Dealers - a little from both sides....

Your local auction house should be able to give you an idea on the value of your furniture as well.  Take some really good photos - don't forget to photograph the back as well, and go and ask.  If you have antique shops nearby, ask them as well.  Not all will be willing to help, but some will.

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