French Régence Furniture

French Régence Furniture belongs to the transitional period between Louis XIV and Louis XV. The next King (Louis XV - Fifteenth) being too young to take over his duties the Duc D'Oleans was appointed to govern affairs until the young King could take over.

applications found on antique french regence furniture
French Regence Furniture applications

The austerity of Louis XIV gave way to a much more open and frivolous society which in turn changed the style of furniture and interiors in general.

French antique regénce furniture tables
French antique regénce furniture console tables
French antique regénce furniture,arm chairs

The cabriol leg became popular, along with bronze mounts placed to hide the wood joints and at the same time act as handles.

Charles Cressent was an ébéniste notable for his commodes which took on the new flowing curvy style that was the order of the day.

The ribbons and scrolls of French Regency furniture

Ribbons, foliage, scrolls and shells complimented the soft curves on furniture which would develop into the fully fledged Rococo of Louis XV.

Veneers in lighter woods which complimented the lighter régence furniture, took over from the dark woods of Louis XIV.

French antique regénce furniture,cupboards,armoire
Antique French Regency Furniture Commodes
French antique regency furniture,cupboards,armoire

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